We organize online seminars, workshops and group chats sessions using Google Hangouts application.

Milorad Borota, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant will participate along with no more than 9 other people.

Hangout session will last at least 3 hours, cost for participation is $50 (Canadian dollars).

To participate you will need a (free) Gmail user account, a microphone and a web-camera (you can still participate even if you have a microphone only).

If you are interested in participating in MB MIGRATION Hangouts please sign up by clicking on "Hangouts in English" or "Hangouts na Srpsko-Hrvatskom jeziku" and enter your information into contact form or you can sign up for updates and we will inform you every time when we have new Google Hangouts session scheduled.

At the present time we do not have any Google Hangouts chats scheduled.